TEKEX #12 and 1st Birthday

Colonel Ché Bolden / Jay Aylmer
Jay updated the audience on the very successful implementation of Tag Team in the Hajj 2019 and where the business is headed.  

Che’ gave an inspirational talk combined with some stunning photography of his time in the Marines. Far too much to cover in this email but we hope that he might return with his father in the near future who apart from being a Marine, was an astronaut and in his latter days headed up Nasa! 

Reading List: 'First to Fight' / 'Exponential Organisations' / 'Everybody Lies' / 'Ghost Fleet' / 'The Fuzzy and the Techie'.
Link to Tag Team video.

Matt Falla
Matt gave a very candid talk on how he grew his company and then the journey to being acquired by The Economist. His very honest and open presentation covered the highs and also pitfalls and things to watch out for if he could do this again.   

Bino / Steve / Jamie
Bino Steve and Jamie presented their social enterprise which provides incentives and rewards to members in a local market. They are looking to onboard as many commercial partners as they can and the ask of Tekex members is to pass on the details for their event: Thursday 26th September at Digital Jersey Hub, 16:00 start. Please forward this to interested parties.


Genevieve Leveille
Genevieve gave a fascinating talk on her work in Haiti with the local farmers as a test bed to provide the world standard for agriculture.  Using blockchain and IoT devices for tracking, processing and business decision making ensuring, measurement and traceability through the journey from plant to consumer resulting in a better product and enhanced earning for the farmers/growers. All smart contract based using the Corda blockchain.

The result of her work will see an improved product providing greater value to the consumer and the farmer.  Genevieve already has other countries following her work and looking to replicate the process once proven.

Marc Laine
Marc gave an inspired talk on why he set the non profit business up, funded from his own pocket and the value he hopes it will bring to the channel Islands.  He will launch with 20 Guernsey companies scored next month.  

ESIM Ratings enhance your business or organisations performance, profitability, sustainability and demonstrates to an ever-increasing number of motivated people that your organisation is worthy of long-term support.   

Monitoring provides you with quarterly data on you position in your industry, allows for listing of industry contributions to promote your sector. Clients, staff, governments, institutions, regulators and stakeholders will be able to select and reward your organisation over that of your competitors through having benchmarked, recognised and audited social and environmental performance accreditation listed with ESI Monitor.

Collectively, as more and more businesses are rated in the islands, together we will add substance to our Green Finance and greener economy aspirations securing a greater slice of these global markets, sustaining our economic performance and developing new market specialisations.


We are incredibly lucky to still be attracting more first class speakers.

In a TEKEX first we are lucky enough to have a guest speaker from the UK, John Morris from Smith and Williamson. John leads Smith & Williamson’s Scale-Up programme: an integrated suite of solutions, expertise and support, designed to help businesses scale quickly. With 15 years experience providing strategy and consulting advice to a variety of businesses in a diverse range of sectors this proves to be a compelling talk. We thank Smith and Williamson Jersey for helping organise this speaker.

Secondly, we will be hearing from Julian Box, CEO of Calligo and founder of Vybbe. Julian will be talking to us about his latest global tech enterprise Vybbe...we'll not give anymore away on that.

If’ you’d like to join us plese email: ed@tekex.co


TEKEX #9 was another fantastic event. We heard from Ricky Malghaes from www.galaxkey.com and Dr Richard Steeves of www.Trustflight.io. We got updates from Robbie Andrews at Withgoto.com and Ed Daubeney updated us on the status of the CrowdFund work with JFSC and Digital Jersey.

TEKEX #7 - Thursday 8th November, 5pm

TEKEX #7 has now been confirmed and will be onTHURSDAY 8th NOVEMBER, 5pm at the usual Infuse Group Office location. Beers and snacks provided as usual, please bring your £10 contribution. We will be having Toby Sawyer in the elevator then a talk from Julian Box, CEO and Founder of Calligo.Cloud. To continue the theme of the last two events he will be talking a little about his successful investment journey but his talk will mainly focus on Artificial Intelligence. Following that we will have a talk from Robbie Andrews about their venture withgoto.com. We look forward to seeing you there.