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We are always looking for new ways to connect with like-minded individuals. 


TEKEX is a no-nonsense, acceleration/incubation platform in the Channel Islands, linking entrepreneurial spirits to great people and investment opportunities.


TEKEX has spent years choreographing the Channel Islands’ and international expertise to deliver a program of business acceleration, aimed at the start-up and growth sector in technology. Whilst not exclusive solely to tech, this is the core directive. Whether it’s management, creative, digital or investor support we can harness our vast network to provide best in class growth advisory.


Our Accelerator / Incubator has a unique and proven process enabling start-ups to venture into the commercial world in a progressive and safe manner. We engage all the key factors that businesses need to establish, test and trial, go-to-market and beyond. Contact us to become part of our program.


TEKEX has an extensive amount of onshore and offshore mentors, all hungry and willing to propel businesses. This diverse cohort present real world experience and can help at any stage of your business journey. Contact us to become a mentor or challenge us to find your mentor.


Our investor network spans Channel Islands, UK, and beyond, and we have successfully facilitated 6 raises since inception. We ensure the appropriate businesses and investors are connected, to drive a positive outcome, offering support at all stages. Contact us if you’re interested in investment or investing.  

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