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Esports and Virtual Reality

Virtex Stadiums

Virtex Stadium is a platform for the next generation of live and immersive entertainment within the gaming and esports industry. Its virtual stadium enables fans to view live gameplay or 3D virtual content as if they were in a real-world stadium.


Esports and Virtual Reality






Project Overview

Virtex Stadium

Virtex is built on a passion for esports and its biggest moments. Having been a part of it as competitors, organisers and fans, we cherish the unique atmosphere of a live show. We choose the stadium over the stream every time.

With Virtex Stadium, we are building a platform that combines the best of both worlds: to create the most exciting experience in esports and bring you much closer to the game.

Virtex removes the limitations of the real world to redefine the fan experience, allowing experimentation and innovation to help create unforgettable live shows and events.


The future of live entertainment is immersive, interactive, and accessible from wherever, whenever. Say goodbye to the limitations of 2D screens. There is a better way.

Imagine if you could only ever watch football matches on TV and never experience a real-life stadium. What if the stadium came to you? This is the vision that Virtex Stadium delivers.


Our mission is to bring the intense excitement and joy of a live event to every fan around the world. We do it by partnering with publishers, organisers, teams, brands and creators. Together we build previously impossible experiences, with endless creative opportunities.

We bring esports fans closer to the shows, games and teams that they love. By bringing the true feeling of a live event into a virtual world, Virtex Stadium aims to be home to the most memorable and unique events in gaming.

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