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Tax Technology


Taxteq is a powerfully simple tax technology platform for accountants, tax advisors and their clients.

We bring together tax related data and documentation into one ultra secure place, which simplifies the day-to-day, and protects and prepares for any tax investigation.

This enables people to spend more time doing what technology can’t - being human.


Tax Technology






Project Overview

Taxteq is a JV between two Jersey based TEKEX companies - Boxteq, who seek to create an aviation inspired Black Box for Business®, and Safelink, who have been providing encrypted data rooms and workflow automation to Legal and Financial Services organisations for over a decade.

Boxteq wanted to

  • bring existing data together, store it in a secure place, ready for when you need it most.

  • create something that is also reactive, so that it prompts, warns and helps you

  • display the data in such a way that at-a-glance you can see where you are

Safelink provides

  • a unique approach to encryption and access control and they use some of the wold’s most sensitive data

  • a flexible portal offering that can easily be customised to capture information and automate the process of doing something with it

Our tax technology platform consists of four products

TaxLocker Portal™ is our core offering - a high security home for tax related data and documentation that enables the accountant and client to easily gather documentation to efficiently produce a tax return.  No more attachments to emails, dragging files around, trying to find the latest version - "significantly less back and forth" is what we are told.

Tax Investigation Suite™ is a game changer for complex tax investigations.  It’s the beating heart of the investigation, dramatically reducing the time it takes to gather, process and find contemporaneous documents that are critical in an enquiry. A variation of this technology is used by litigators around the world.

Domicile Locker™ The fundamental question that is asked during an enquiry is; “What was in this person's mind at the time, and what was their intention?”  A date stamped, tamper proof audit trail of decisions, activity, documentation and travel answers this unequivocally.

SmartDays™ In the design phase is an app that sits quietly on the clients phone, tracking location to a country level. It captures travel documents and receipts to further corroborate tax residency status, and sends alerts when approaching predetermined day limits.

We’re making life easier for you and your accountant - tell them about Taxteq.

To talk Tax or Tech, contact Tim Huelin

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