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We are always looking for new ways to connect with like-minded individuals. 

Diamond Hands Hotel

Diamond Hands Hotel is a one-stop web3 agency specialising in helping brands and influencers to launch NFT collections, and implementing web3 technology into existing services.






Project Overview

As one of the first web3 agencies, the DHH provides a number of services to help brands, companies, and influencers to launch their own line of NFTs or implement them into their services.

Once a collection launches, holders of that NFT can access our private members platform — “The Roof”. Our clients use The Roof to upload unlockable content and rewards that can then be accessed.

Alongside our main services listed below, we provide helpful insights into the NFT community on our blog and create open source tools to assist other projects.


Ignite -  A one-stop launchpad that provides every service required to launch an NFT from concept to launch. The DHH works with talent to create and launch NFT collections with their brand vision. As an agency we provide the technology, help liaison and partner with artists, build communities and manage the projects.

Verify - An API that enables quick and easy NFT verification and can be implemented into most sites for accessing unlockable content.

Vault - A wallet custody service to securely manage multiple crypto wallets for our clients.

Atlas - NFT consultation service for management or implementation of NFTs into common use cases.

The Roof

The Roof is our private members club - a platform where holders of all Diamond Hands Hotel NFTs can access exclusive content such as live streams, rewards, music releases, digital downloads, and almost anything else where there is a need for NFT restricted access.

The Roof also can be used to access upcoming drops from the DHH, chat to members in private voice rooms, play DHH games, and more.

Space Sneks

Space Sneks are the first in-house collection from the Diamond Hands Hotel. Consisting of only 1,024 bloodthirsty tyrants that travelled the stars to take over our virtual hotel. Inspired by our teams equal love of cartoons and snakes.

By holding a Space Snek you’re effectively purchasing a membership for ifetime benefits with the DHH:

Mint pass for future projects: Holding a Snek gives you early access to mint all of our future drops and collaborations.

The Roof access: Lifetime access to The Roof platform, which sees new features added each month for years to come.

Giveaways and prizes: The Roof allows you to enter airdrops, giveaways, and access to early bird NFT drop prices.

Our Vision: “A virtual community using VR”

Mid-long term we’re building a DHH metaverse as a virtual NFT community hangout spot with influencers and brands, centred around having your own customisable hotel room.

Members will be able to meet, trade, and chat as avatars. Display NFT collections in their rooms + view others, and play mini-games. We’re already in talks with a VR company partnering with Oculus to provide a fully immersive VR experience in the future.

Come and see what we’re about

The Diamond Hands Hotel Discord is the heart of our operations, please stop by to see what we’re working on and hangout with some awesome people in our community.

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