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We are always looking for new ways to connect with like-minded individuals. 

Online accounting


Super powerful, super easy to use accounting software with the ultimate feature, real experts! Expert client managers, qualified accountants, time zapping bookkeepers and payroll masters.

You'll never spend a fortune on expensive software or traditional accountants ever again!

Starting out, sole trader, contractor, individual or small business - you'll LOVE Crunch!


Online accounting






Project Overview

Crunch was the first online accountant in the UK offering a software and service model. Since 2009 the community has grown to over 70,000 members with 25,000 software only and 10,000 accountancy software and full service members. 

In 2021 Crunch launched its combined crowdfund and TEKEX investment raise. Looking to raise a relatively small amount of money, circa £600K, purely to fund the growth marketing to prove their new Freemium model and convert the 1,000 signups of free accounting software with add-ons including Ask an Accountant, VAT etc. to the full software and service upgrades of Premium, Pro and Small Business. 

With TEKEX's help, Crunch was introduced to some fantastic local investors and with their own community and the Seedrs platform in the UK, raised more than £800K. 

Having successfully raised over £800K, Crunch has already hired a growth marketer and are using the investment money to build a powerful growth marketing team. The original plan was to build up provable growth in community members, Crunch Free sign ups, add-ons and upgrades to P,P & SB, to win an A-series with a number of very interested institutional funds. 

However, we are always interested in talking to local investors who can add their considerable experience to our business, over and above financial support. 

With Crunch's platform already built, the brand very much established since 2009 and a highly competent marketing team in place, we may be able to get to the next stage with a much smaller amount of investment, circa £2M, which could almost certainly be gained by a small number of investors via TEKEX. 

For any conversations please contact Darren Fell at Crunch (

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