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Simon Franc, Chief Executive Officer, Anatomap Limited | Aidan McAvinue, CEO, BankClarity | John Lee, CEO, AMD Nano | Joao Oliviera Founder and CEO / Elliot Lamb Founder and CTO | Jackie Rutter - "The Curative School Jersey"

29 June 2021 at 23:00:00

Santander Work Café, Jersey

TEKEX #21 shapes up to present an AI start-up, an incubated fintech, some local injury tech and a nano-scientist...

Simon Franc, Chief Executive Officer, Anatomap Limited

"The app that will boost conviction rates and build public trust"

Simon Franc is the CEO of Anatomap, a UKAS accredited technology company, focused on building apps which empower victims, enhance evidence, boost conviction rates and increase public confidence.

As well as being the Founder of Anatomap, Simon is also the CEO of Forensic Equity, a leading independent Forensic Science Service Provider.

Simon is a proud member of the Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland and in 2020 contributed to the Parliamentary Review.

Aidan McAvinue, CEO BankClarity

The power of a harmonious outlook in Fintech

Aidan will talk to TEKEX about BankClarity, a real posterchild of Fintech in Jersey, and their journey, challenges and ambitions in the world of banking. With a potent and incredibly relevant product, some of Jersey's best in industry digital technologists and a refreshingly candid and open attitude to doing business, this shapes up to be an exciting talk.

John Lee, CEO AMD Nano

Our story and our current raise.

Advanced Material Development (AMD) is a leader in the field of cutting-edge Materials Science. It specialises in funding research into 2D nanotechnologies and materials in collaboration with university partners to develop and commercialise unique solutions for industrial applications. In partnership with customers, it builds deep and lasting relationships that seek to bring solutions to market through various licensing initiatives.

AMD works with leading scientists in world-class laboratory and development facilities. Furthermore, it has identified and is already working with commercial partners to explore the use of these technologies in real-world applications.

Joao Oliviera Founder and CEO / Elliot Lamb Founder and CTO

Alli - "a friend when in need"

AI mental health application start-up.

Jackie Rutter - "The Curative School Jersey"

A CURATIVE SCHOOL - Involves every member of its community in designing and developing the internal and external space. The process of a Curative School is all about collaboration bringing together experts and artists to support stakeholders in controlling and changing the school environment. A Curative School will have a direct, positive impact on both the academic achievement, ways of learning and mental health.

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