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We're creating ta network connecting ambitious entrepreneurs across the islands. We understand that regions have unique challenges and opportunities, strengths and quirks. So we're building an inclusive community in which founders and start-ups can learn from each other and successful established serial entrepreneurs, regardless of where they're based.
Some questions that may help:

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur hoping to found the next Revolut , Uber or Darktrace? You’re in the right place! 

Does your company have a live product in the market, with some customer traction, and have you raised less than £2m of investment? 

You’re an early-stage startup with great scaling potential!

Have you raised a Series A funding round, or are you bootstrapped with £500k revenue per year and high month-on-month growth? 

You’re a high-growth mid-stage company!

Have you raised a Series B+ funding round and/or £5m revenue per year? And are you growing 50% year-on-year? 

You’re a high-growth late-stage company!

Are you looking to exit via trade sale or IPO? Did you know the channel islands does more listing on the UK stock exchanges than anywhere other than the UK!

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In an email to, explain briefly your interest in TEKEX and how you can support the community or what support you require - be it funding, connections, staff, expertise. Complete the message with “I’m happy to receive information and invites to events from TEKEX.